One of the heads of the Sufis: Habib Al-Jifri, the BROTHER of the Rawafidh

We have already posted about one of the heads of innovation, superstition and polytheism under the pretext of ‘Tawassuf’ of our age, namely Al-Habib Ali Al-Jifri (Super Khurafi) – Ibn Al-Qayyim on his likes. Now this Sufi …

is not just known for praising open Zanadiqah, like the lunatic, sick and madman ‘Nazim Al-Haqqani’ (Naqshbandi i.e. crypto-Rawafidh who believe in the superiority of Ali Ibn Abi Talib in the matter of divine guidance after the Prophet صل الله عليه و سلم), whom he (Al-Jifri) calls his master (!) he is also known to be more than soft with the enemies of the Sahaba, the Rawafidh (Shia Majoos), particularly the twelver branch (the sect that makes up the majority of Shias in our age).  Although the classical scholars of the Ahl Al-Sunnah (whom the Sufis claim to follow) had nothing but enmity towards the Rawafidh (for good reason, since the Rawafidh are the enemies of Islam), those who claim to be upon ‘classical/orthodox’ Islam i.e. the Sufis of today have nothing but praise for the Rawafidh. Let us give you an example with a Sufi of the past, an arch enemy of Shaykh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah رحمه الله:

أبيات للحافظ السبكي في الرد على الروافض وابن تيمية

Al-Subki the Sufi (from the early Sufis who were innovators yet not as stupid and naive and heretical to call the Rawafidh and their IMAMS like Khomeini their brothers!) wrote a whole poem (see the link above) in refutation of Shaykh Al-Islam and the Rawafidh. Have you ever heard anything close to that from the Sufis of today who are busy spinning and dancing instead of refuting the biggest enemies of the Sahaba i.e. the Rawafidh?

Or what about Ibn Hajar Al-Haitami (not to be confused with the giant Alim of the Sunnah Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani) the Sufi who made Takfeer (!) on Shaykh Al-Islam?! Well, even he was smart enough to know that the enemies of the Sahaba, the Rawafidh, are NOT his brothers, hence he wrote the following book (something impossible to hear from any major Sufi figure of our times):

الصواعق المحرقة على أهل الرفض والضلال والزندقة 

(The Frightening Lightning on the people of Rafdh (Shiism), miguidance and heresy)

Both of the Sufi scholars above are of the later (khalaf) Asha’ris i.e. extremely deviant in Aqeedah and extreme in their Tasawwuf (and hatred for the people of the Sunnah like Ibn Taymiyyah), yet we see them possessing some sense and not being as mad as declaring the Rawafidh as their brothers (quite the opposite since both of them wrote books and poems against the Rafidha sect). As for Al-Jifri (and the heads of Sufism today like Ali Gumu’a, Shirk Nazim, Al-Buti aka the finger of Nasrallat etc.) then this is his stance:


And here the evidence from his very own website:


TRANSLATION:’ The concept of ‘Wilayah Al-Faqih’ (post-Age-of-Occultation theory in Rafidhism, current system of the Iranian Republic) did not work out in the past so that it can work in our age. ‘Wilayah Al-Faqih’ in its essence – even among our BROTHERS The twelver Shia – is batil (invalid) until the emergence of the Mahdi. Imam Al-Khomeini – may Allah have mercy upon him – made his Ijtihad in this regard (i.e. applying it without the emergence of the Mahdi) …’

Just for your information, this is who Khomeini is and these are his beliefs which are public to anyone (especially ‘scholars’ like Al-Jifri), heck, they are ANCIENT Shia beliefs of every practicing Shia let alone their filthy ‘scholars’:

Khomeini’s beliefs –

Shaykh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a grand scholar says in regards to ANYONE who considers the Rawafidh (Shiites) his brother:

‘I seek refuge in Allah from such speech, wallahi they (Rawafidh) are not our brothers, they are the brothers of Shaytan for they curse the wive of the Prophet (صل الله عليه و سلم) Aisha and curse Abu Bakr and Omar …’

Sincerity and honesty should be be the trait of every Muslim hence we leave you with a clip of Al-Jifiri who (after his own country Yemen is involved in the Rafidhi Majoosi Safawi fitna of the Iranian regime i.e. the Houthis etc.) seems to take a stance against the Rawafidh:

Here he (Al-Jifri) calls Ibn Taymiyyah SHAYKH AL-ISLAM and ask Allah t have mercy upon him, then he goes on and says that Iran is basically dangerous and wants to cause Fitnah by spreading Shiism in traditional Sunni Arab lands etc. a bit late to wake up but better then late then never  …

(note that the Rawafidh, including Iranian state agencies spread a rumour not long ago that Al-Jifri actually converted i.e. apostated to Rafidhism/Shiism. Al-Jifri felt literally forced to come out and to deny it. Maybe by facing so much lies and deception by the Rawafidh it made him slowly realise whom he is actually calling his ‘brothers’ … the main banner of our blog above … the guy sitting with the Rawafidh priest is Al-Jifri, he regulary had meeting with his BROTHERS the Rawafidh …)

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